Identifying the right market to target and creating the right products for your target market is a vital preliminary step when you are planning to execute a digital lending strategy in your business.

Having the right Business Model therefore is important; ‘’Business models are what connects a technology potential with real market needs and consumer demand.’’
In actual sense, technology comes to complement  your business model and not to replace it.

Whether you are a start up or you have been on lending business for long, our seasoned digital lending experts always engage you to understand various aspects of your business,your expectations and your model, so that we can give the right tools that match your business, without exposing yourself to undetermined risks costs that would lead to losses.

Different customer categories have distinct risk analysis, and some clients are perceived to be more risky than others. For example, check off loans and secured loans are less risky than non secured loans. Salary loans recovered via check off are not as risky as SME loans which are not secured.

Therefore, it is imperative to understand your customers, justify your niche and take the risk.
It is also important to make sure you create the right products to suit their needs and at the same time, meet your digital lending objective of cash optimization and risk mitigation.



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